iOS Development

DOT understands the importance of iOS applications and considering the massive growth in iPhone, we’ve installed a dedicated team of developers to work on cutting edge apps. iOS is known to be lot more user-friendly than Android and backed by Apple, you know you’re getting the best. This is why, knowing the standards of Apple, our team is working on apps day and night to stick to their standards.

So, if you’re looking to break into the App Store and reach out to a brand new audience, then you can talk to us. Our professionals are trained to help you in designing apps that work for you. We’ll get them approved by Apple and on the App Store ready to be installed by millions of users worldwide.

See, now your market is wide open and not restricted geographically. Competition is tough so we make sure your app is original, user-friendly and attractive to your target audience. We’ll get the job done and in no time you’ll see your app being downloaded by a whole new set of users globally.

Our Experience

Custom Web Design


Responsive / Mobile Sites


Email Design


UI / UX Expertise

Our Experience
  • Diverse range of iOS apps for a multitude of clients
  • Making sure each app meets required standards
  • App placed on store with proper description and specs
  • Technical expertise in UI/ UX makes sure everything is in place and working correctly
  • Constant consultation with client during the development and design process
  • Work with us to see all your apps go live and downloaded within seconds

We’ll make sure your apps are developed and deployed keeping your deadlines in mind. We will not compromise on quality- rest assured

Alex J Murphy
From start to finish, DOT took care of my app needs and even after it went live!
Alex J Murphy
Jose Ferguson
I needed an e-commerce app built within a few days and DOT delivered before deadline!
Jose Ferguson
Louis Van Mourinho
Excellent service and support. DOT goes above and beyond the call of duty. Highly recommended!
Louis Van Mourinho
Patricia Bruce Scott
Once you go DOT, you don’t go back. Highly dependable and responsive team and it was a pleasure working with them.
Patricia Bruce Scott