Questions you must ask when developing a Website


It is not so much about the development of the site as about the level of the developers themselves, who, if necessary, will do everything possible to fulfill the tasks of the client.

On our site will be RSS

RSS is a universal means of transferring data between Internet machines. The format that most online services understand. Through RSS, your site will report its news (all or some of them) to the email-list system, twitter, Facebook, contact, your mobile application and other external systems. As a child, many of us imagined that a letter from a mailbox flies through special channels to another mailbox on the other end of the Earth. So, it makes this fantasy possible on the Internet.

Configuring Web Analytics?

Web analytics is what is the real face of the professional Internet, which brings real money to companies and discourages investments. The counters will show you that 1000 people came to your site. Is this good or bad?

You can understand this only when you see that 700 people looked more than 2 pages on your site, 500 of them registered or subscribed to the mailing list, 300 people looked at your contacts, tariffs and the scheme of travel, 200 of those who came in made a deal directly on the site. All this and much more allow you to see with your own eyes free.

What exactly do you do for our SEO site?

Up to 80% of visitors to the site bring search engines. Google and Yandex are complex machines that process millions of pages every second to give their users the right information in milliseconds after the request. Therefore, your site should be friends with search engines, be clear soulless to these robots. The process of optimizing your site for the standards of search engines is called SEO (search engine optimization). Develop a site without taking into account SEO – it’s like building a house without having carried out preliminary communications on the site. Water does not fall into your house. In especially difficult cases, you will have to demolish an unfinished house in order to conduct the necessary pipes and cables.

Could you do a / b test of landing pages for us?

Many customers are accustomed to treating the possibilities of the Internet as offline opportunities: on the Internet, we can mark out a module of only 1 design; a billboard in our store can only hang one option. It’s scary that many developers also relate to the possibilities of the Internet. The fact is that the Internet is a multivariate field.

The main pages on the site can be 2-3 versions! 50, 80 or 2 percent of your users, you can show option a, the other is option b. And we can see which main page (or any other important for us) is most understandable to our users.

We do not have to put up with one version of the selling page, which the developer imposes on us. “Let’s test it!” Is the customer’s slogan, for which the monetization of the site is a priority?