Essential features of every good business Website

So, if you have a business and you need a website for business, then here are some essential features for a good business website.

Site design

visual images play one of the key roles in the process of making a particular decision of the client. An unsuccessful combination can induce a person with hatred to shut down the site and never again drive the name of your company in the address bar. But if you do everything humanly, then your site can fall in love and go to it even when they did not think to buy anything – just out of habit. In other words, colors affect not only the mood, but also the action.

Create a sequence of colors, which according to certain rules should lead to a certain page, where the user definitely wants to do one right thing – to buy a product or service. That is, when a visitor visits the site, it is not up to him to decide where to click – the site owner must decide for him. Of course, a minority thinks about such things, but it is this minority that earns.

Website usability

First, it is a general structure, where the menu should be extremely transparent and understandable. It is not necessary to create some funny and incomprehensible names of categories in the online store, as this generally lowers readability. “Usability” of your site can be verified in a very simple way – place the feedback block in a prominent place.

The main thing is to remember the rule – all the necessary information should be at arm’s length or a couple of clicks. If you can create a site where the operation can be performed in a few clicks, then this site is 100% convenient. People do not want to spend a lot of time shopping.

Typography and text content

Typography is what makes text comfortable and beautiful. The very inscription of letters can carry in itself a certain information message or even the nature of this message – the mood. Letters can be elegant, bold, brutal and even smart. And this, mind you, I’m not talking about the text, but just about the letters. That’s why a certain font will ideally fit under the official website of the coffee shop when the same font will make the website, which sells modern gadgets. And we would recommend choosing separate fonts for the title, subtitle and the text itself, although here you should look at a particular project, so as not to blunder and, of course, to look at it in the company with professionals.

In general, it is desirable for the customer to decide on the design pattern at the first stage and ask himself a simple question: “If I select this template, how much will it eventually have to be changed for my requirements?” If there are not enough changes, this approach will suit you, and if there are many changes, why not order an individual website? The money will be almost the same.