Essential features of every good business Website

Essential features of every good business Website

So, if you have a business and you need a website for business, then here are some essential features for a good business website.

Site design

visual images play one of the key roles in the process of making a particular decision of the client. An unsuccessful combination can induce a person with hatred to shut down the site and never again drive the name of your company in the address bar. But if you do everything humanly, then your site can fall in love and go to it even when they did not think to buy anything – just out of habit. In other words, colors affect not only the mood, but also the action.

Create a sequence of colors, which according to certain rules should lead to a certain page, where the user definitely wants to do one right thing – to buy a product or service. That is, when a visitor visits the site, it is not up to him to decide where to click – the site owner must decide for him. Of course, a minority thinks about such things, but it is this minority that earns.

Website usability

First, it is a general structure, where the menu should be extremely transparent and understandable. It is not necessary to create some funny and incomprehensible names of categories in the online store, as this generally lowers readability. “Usability” of your site can be verified in a very simple way – place the feedback block in a prominent place.

The main thing is to remember the rule – all the necessary information should be at arm’s length or a couple of clicks. If you can create a site where the operation can be performed in a few clicks, then this site is 100% convenient. People do not want to spend a lot of time shopping.

Typography and text content

Typography is what makes text comfortable and beautiful. The very inscription of letters can carry in itself a certain information message or even the nature of this message – the mood. Letters can be elegant, bold, brutal and even smart. And this, mind you, I’m not talking about the text, but just about the letters. That’s why a certain font will ideally fit under the official website of the coffee shop when the same font will make the website, which sells modern gadgets. And we would recommend choosing separate fonts for the title, subtitle and the text itself, although here you should look at a particular project, so as not to blunder and, of course, to look at it in the company with professionals.

In general, it is desirable for the customer to decide on the design pattern at the first stage and ask himself a simple question: “If I select this template, how much will it eventually have to be changed for my requirements?” If there are not enough changes, this approach will suit you, and if there are many changes, why not order an individual website? The money will be almost the same.


Questions you must ask when developing a Website
Questions you must ask when developing a Website


It is not so much about the development of the site as about the level of the developers themselves, who, if necessary, will do everything possible to fulfill the tasks of the client.

On our site will be RSS

RSS is a universal means of transferring data between Internet machines. The format that most online services understand. Through RSS, your site will report its news (all or some of them) to the email-list system, twitter, Facebook, contact, your mobile application and other external systems. As a child, many of us imagined that a letter from a mailbox flies through special channels to another mailbox on the other end of the Earth. So, it makes this fantasy possible on the Internet.

Configuring Web Analytics?

Web analytics is what is the real face of the professional Internet, which brings real money to companies and discourages investments. The counters will show you that 1000 people came to your site. Is this good or bad?

You can understand this only when you see that 700 people looked more than 2 pages on your site, 500 of them registered or subscribed to the mailing list, 300 people looked at your contacts, tariffs and the scheme of travel, 200 of those who came in made a deal directly on the site. All this and much more allow you to see with your own eyes free.

What exactly do you do for our SEO site?

Up to 80% of visitors to the site bring search engines. Google and Yandex are complex machines that process millions of pages every second to give their users the right information in milliseconds after the request. Therefore, your site should be friends with search engines, be clear soulless to these robots. The process of optimizing your site for the standards of search engines is called SEO (search engine optimization). Develop a site without taking into account SEO – it’s like building a house without having carried out preliminary communications on the site. Water does not fall into your house. In especially difficult cases, you will have to demolish an unfinished house in order to conduct the necessary pipes and cables.

Could you do a / b test of landing pages for us?

Many customers are accustomed to treating the possibilities of the Internet as offline opportunities: on the Internet, we can mark out a module of only 1 design; a billboard in our store can only hang one option. It’s scary that many developers also relate to the possibilities of the Internet. The fact is that the Internet is a multivariate field.

The main pages on the site can be 2-3 versions! 50, 80 or 2 percent of your users, you can show option a, the other is option b. And we can see which main page (or any other important for us) is most understandable to our users.

We do not have to put up with one version of the selling page, which the developer imposes on us. “Let’s test it!” Is the customer’s slogan, for which the monetization of the site is a priority?


Top Reasons why you need a website
Top Reasons why you need a website


If you have just started a business in e-commerce, there are many reasons why you should run it on the online store website. And here are the ones that are worth paying attention to. On most websites of online stores there is no such section as a blog, while the possibility of attracting traffic with it.


Additional traffic

If you are willing to invest time and money in attracting traffic to the website of your online store, blogging will in this case be one of the most effective methods.

The amount of content on the site increases, most of which can be successfully adapted to target keywords. Quality additional content has a positive effect on indexing, new pages are beginning to rank in the search, traffic is growing due to search engines, and thanks to the fact that users start sharing interesting materials in social networks.

Formation of the audience

Blog on the website of the online store can be used as a tool to attract and retain the audience, as well as to establish contact with customers.

Over time, they are becoming more and more, and a constant audience is beginning to form.

Take a video on the topic, how you can use the products that you offer, publish several success stories of your customers – inspiring stories people especially like.

The ability to comment on publications allows your visitors to feel that they are part of a full-fledged community. As in the case of social networks, respond to comments and questions, respond to appeals.

The site is a 24-hour virtual office

With the constant growth in the number of Internet users, the number of people who may need information about your company not only in the workplace, but at any other time, also increases. In this case, the site will provide you with an invaluable service.

It can be visited day and night, all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from any civilized point on the planet.

The site is its own unique media tool

It can accommodate various, regularly updated, news, for example, about the life of the company, current promotions, discounts and special offers.

Also, the site can be equipped with RSS-feed, a subscription form; it can send information to interested people.

The essence of it can be reduced to three key areas of work:

The attraction of visitors to landing pages of a website

Converting them into customers or registered users

Analytics of the work done

Website answer the customer questions

The site will answer typical customer questions and will slightly relieve your company’s employees. Customers can “get” you by phone, fax, mail, and e-mail. As a rule, in any business clients ask the same questions, and managers of companies spend a lot of time and energy to respond to them.

Perhaps, for complete happiness, they just do not have enough of your site. If you have your own web resource, you have the opportunity to analyze the most frequently asked questions and then post on their site the answers.

There you can also post thematic articles, price lists, manufacturers’ certificates, testimonials from grateful customers, and other materials that will help potential customers get all the information they need.


Why Search and SEO are so important?


SEO (an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures to increase the visibility of the site in search engines for targeted search queries.

In the early day’s people used to find a list of documents in which the words were entered. This is not so. Today’s search is looking for solutions to problems, tasks and “something.” They can look for a book, buy something or view animal photos, but that’s all their actions.

Now Seo is very important to rank your site in search engines, so for this, we need to target the important keywords. Targeting the right keywords is much more important for traffic so that people can easily find on the Internet what they are looking for.

When you make a new website or an online store, then search engine optimization is always needed. Only the right “foundation” will give you visitors from Google and Yandex

However, it should be remembered that there are other parameters that affect your site so that it appears in good positions when users search queries.

For example, how often it is updated, and what are the links to it from other Internet resources.

For new sites, search optimization is especially important. It is she who makes the first impression on launching bots. This means that you must format the texts so that the crawler quickly indexes them, adds images and links, as it also pays great attention to them.

Why is search engine optimization necessary?

Because of the robots, Google and Yandex control all the information; otherwise, your site will be left without their attention. To make proper search engine optimization, it certainly takes a lot of time and work, and sometimes costs money.

In principle, all this can be simply ordered, but if there are knowledge and desire, it is better to try yourself. So many people acted and the result is impressive.

Why does your company need SEO optimization?

If in the recent past the Internet was used primarily to find information, today the situation has changed a lot. The constant increase in the number of Internet users, new technologies (communication with the target audience via the site, the system of payment via the Internet, the possibility of ordering online, etc.) and many other factors have turned the Internet into a powerful marketing tool and a place for sales Simultaneously. According to statistics, the number of Internet users is growing every year,

Why does the site need to be at the top of the search engines?

There are several reasons for this. First, the top places in the search engines can be compared with the prestigious areas of the city. Usually, the client receives the first impression of the company before visiting the organization, knowing where it is located.

The more prestigious the district, the more trust the client feeds, and accordingly, the greater the chance that he will choose you. The sites located in the first ten positions will pay attention to more than 95 Percent of users.