"Dynamic Online Technologies will change the way you do business in the ever-changing digital landscape so you can succeed and stay ahead of your competition."

Usama Aziz, CEO

Result Oriented

DOT believes in results. No effort is successful if it doesn’t deliver the required ROI. We believe in working smart, not working hard. We utilize our resources and time effectively so we can deliver the results that our clients desire from us. This is why we have been so successful for over a decade.

Customer Support

At DOT, the client or customer is king. This is why we offer a complete set of support tools on our website as well as live support. We’re available 24/7/365 so our clients can count on us at any time. We make sure every customer gets the support they need without much wait and handled professionally.

Client Satisfaction

We place client satisfaction on top priority. This is why our own customers refer us to others. Our success speaks for itself. We make sure the customers’ and clients’ needs are met at all times from the start of our relationship and beyond. We take our customers with us on every step of the way.

Why DOT?

DOT offers a complete suite of B2B services from web development, design to branding, digital marketing and more. We’ve been in business for over 12 years with 100 percent satisfaction rate from all our clients and customers. The key to our success is that we listen to our clients and customers and go above and beyond the call of duty. Our experience with a diverse range of clientele and customer base has enabled us to learn new things. We keep our eyes open on the latest technologies and adopt them in our daily work and projects. Our track record for timely delivery, error-free apps and websites, and top-notch customer service is proof of our success.

Our Vision

DOT strives to be customer focused in all its services. The customers’ success is our success. Our portfolio of websites and apps always put the client first.

It defines the client’s brand presence and we hope that it’s implanted in their customers.

We hope to become a global leader in web and app development. We aim to compete with the world’s biggest companies in providing customer-focused approach in all our projects.

It’s this approach that makes us different. We’re inspired by the world’s tech giants because that is what we aim to be. It is our aim on a daily basis to consistently improve and strengthen our skillset so we can always be ahead of our competition.

We want our customers to always return to us for each and every project. We deliver with a promise- that the client will be satisfied with our work. We will consistently tweak until our clients are satisfied. It’s this approach that will make us one day a giant among giants.